This is my last 2nd year uni project, focusing on reimagining the character from the film Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki - Haku, a half-boy and a half-river dragon - in the Japanese surrealism aesthetic. Another great inspiration for me was the neighbourhood of North Acton canals, especially the visual combination between nature and graffiti that I observed during my walks around the area.

The choice of Haku and the analysis of his very chaotic character was a strong pretext to explore the links between personality development and the influences coming from the environment that shape the formation of identity. My sfx interpretation of his persona focused on auto-destructive and often contradicting each other tendencies of human nature. That is why such elements as teeth and real flowers growing together in harmony not only contribute to the story-telling aspect of the design but also make an universal statement on the fact that nothing is ever black or white in its pure form.

Model: Thananjan Thavayogalingham
SFX MUA & photo: Julia Bialy
Examples of my preperatory work included drawings, moodboards and prosthetics testing
and the final results.

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