12 May 2022 - 18 June 2022
My plot description included: 
- braiding hair (Ayesha Dharker, Halema Hussain);
- filling up the hairline with hair flock on Nathuram Godse (Shubham Saraf);
- male grooming on Narayan Apte (Sid Sagar);
- applying a moustache on Mithun (Nadeem Islam);
- presetting materials for a quick change for Akshay Shah.

Ayesha Dharker as Aai

Protests against the imprisonment of Mithun, the teacher of the young Godse

I was involved in much of the show prep. I knotted moustaches and their doubles for Manuuv Thiara, Akshay Shah, Sid Sagar and Nadeem Islam.
It was fantastic opportunity to learn new things about South Asian type of hair and com aplexions, even though I worked on that play for only a few days.

Nadeem Islam as mithun (left) and Shubham Saraf as Nathuram Godse (right)

Dinita Gohli as Vimala

Shubham Saraf as Nathuram Godse

Bringing sacrifice to the Goddess

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