8 Jul 2022 - 10 Sep 2022
That was my first theatrical show that I could fully be a part of since its run started after I had finished studying at London College of Fashion, UAL. It was an important step in my career development as the play was quite demanding in terms of the number of hair preps and quick changes it had.

Photos by Manuel Harlan

A number of moustaches were made for Much Ado... that eventually were worn by John Heffernan and Ewan Miller.

From far left: David Judge as Don John (on whom I created bruises and scratches for scene 3 on the balcony), Brandon Grace as Borachio and Ewan Miller as Conrado (wearing a fake moustache)

Guests of the Messina house love to party!

Each day before coming down to do the show, I had to set and style both wigs worn by Marcia Lecky (playing Lady Justice, clean and tong the facials, prepare the flannels for the multiple changes throughout the show that involved cleaning and make sure everything is in the correct place and sufficient amount behind the stage.

On the hour, I was responsible for curling Lady Margaret's hair (Phoebe Horn), styling Georgina Seacole's hair, applying Ewan Miller's tash and creating a 'coming home after a war' look on John Heffernan that included sweat, dirt, a sunburn, a fake stubble and messy hair.

John Heffernan as Benedick & Eben Figueiredo as Claudio. Both just came back from a war.

 Ashley Zhangazha as Don Pedro and Ioanna Kimbook as Hero

During the show, my duties encompassed:
- makeup and hair changes with John Heffernan;
- painted a bruised & scratched look od David Judge in under 4 minutes;
- taking care of Marcia Lecky's wigs;
- painting a face mask and securing a turban on John's head for the spa scene;
- funeral and wedding head cover changes;
- checking on the facials and tidying up the hair.

Katherine Parkinson as Beatrice

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