2 Oct 2021 - 27 Nov 2021

James McArdle as Macbeth & Saoirse Ronan as Lady MacBeth

This play was the first theatre performance I had a chance to work on in London. I was asked to cover one of the 2 plots by the show makeup supervisor and the key hair artist of Saoirse Ronan, Suzanne Scotcher. On my first day there, I shadowed Ola Olejnicka and on the second I performed the whole plot myself, following the reference photos that were hanging in the dressing rooms.

My duties encompassed:
- painting bruised ribs and forearm on Macbeth (James McCardle) and making him look as if he was dirty, a quick change that involved blood application on his hands;
- help during a quick change of hair and costume for Lady Macbeth (Saoirse Ronan);
- creating a full bruised and wounded body look on Banquo (Ross Anderson) in the span of 15 minutes and later covering him in black blood during a quick change;
- applying fake blood and dirt on Gareth Kennerley and Adam McNamara.

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