21st November 2023 - 23rd March 2024
While my time on Totoro as part of the main WHAM Team, I performed all of the shows plots and learned all of the hairstyles there was to do on the show, meaning I was responsible for both the principles and the ensamble hairstyles. Over the whole run, I also did day shifts prepping the wigs, hairpieces, backstage and the wig room for daily wig calls.
Jasmine Chiu as MOTORBIKE LADY with a modern 1950s updo
 (left and centre) Jacqueline Tate as GRANNY in her wig
(right) a hairpiece worn by MISS HARA (Arina Ii)
(above) a hyperlapse video showcasing dresing Granny's wig
Emily Piggford played MUM (Yasuko) who wore a hairpiece with super long hair extansions incorporated into her own hair
Mei Mac as MEI getting ready. She wore a hairpiece incorporated into her own hair.

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